Procedures and Requirements


The Fort Bend Central Appraisal District is working with the Fort Bend County Tax Office to identify parent accounts for plats that will be going before Commissioner Court for Recording. Tax Office(s) are responsible for issuing Tax Certificates on properties covered by the platted area.  The district will only provide a list of properties covered by the submitted plat which will be forwarded to the Tax Office(s).  Please review the Procedures and Requirements tab before submitting the plat for completeness.

Changes to submissions are not allowed. Any correction to a submission will require a new submission be done.


You must register in order to utilize the website. In order to receive a user account you are required to provide your State issued license number, the company name, registrant name, phone number, and valid email address.  Once your registration is received and the account is authorized, you will receive an email confirmation.

Each company must identify their standardized electronic layers as established by Fort Bend County. These layers are extracted and downloaded into the District’s GIS. Applicants are required to follow the Fort Bend County standardized “Layer Names and Definitions”.  For more information see the county documentation at:

Data shall be in .DWG , .DXF or .SHP format.

“Uncleaned” CAD files will not be accepted.

All X and Y and Z coordinate data will be in Texas South Central Zone, State Plane, North American Datum 1983, and feet coordinates.

The .dxf, dwg or shp plat file will be geo-rectified based upon either the benchmark point(s) or GPS points that have been utilized.

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